Customer oriented production.

Looking through the eyes of the consumer.

People make the difference!
"An inspiring work environment where mutual respect and reliance are very important​​." These are some of the characteristics of Kiepflower.


Kiep in touch!

"Kiep in touch" with Kiepflower on our Facebook page.

Kiepflower is well aware of the fact that retail delivery requires cooperation and "looking through the eyes of the consumer". This means paying full attention to consumer needs, turnover on the shelf and dropout rates.
A thoughtful assortment planning gives us the opportunity to offer our products as a (colour-)mix that perfectly fits to the seasons of the year.

Within our proven business philosophy, we are also perfectly capable of thinking "out of the box". Who else as you, being our customer, can tell us better what the latest trends and developments are in the market? We are always open to your ideas. "Kiep in touch!"



Shelf-ready products, if desired provided with cover, price sticker and / or barcode.

Kiepflower is one of the founders of the Quality Flower Group, a young organization of 10 chrysanthemum nurseries working closely together to improve marketing strategy.


Kiepflower uses the latest energy-saving techniques (including CHP for electricity generation and heat production). These techniques are very environment-friendly.


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