Kiepflower - short history

Kiepflower is located in the Bommelerwaard, a horticultural area between the major rivers in central Netherlands. The company was founded back in the previous century. In 1930 a start was made (as a small family business) with cattle breeding and the cultivation of strawberries and winter vegetables. Around 1960, the cattle breeding was stopped and the first greenhouse was built in which tomatoes and strawberries were grown. Only in 1984 the company made a switch to the (year-round) cultivation of chrysanthemums.

Glasoppervlakte grafiekThrough the years we saw a huge increase of the company's total glass surface (see graph). The total industrial floor area currently covers nine hectares. Anno 2014 Kiepflower can be characterized as a very modern company specialized in the production of spray chrysanthemums. The breeding process is carried out in an environmentally friendly way. The amount of employees is around 30 people.

Shelf-ready production to customer requirements
At the end of 2011, the transport branch was sold and the focus was completely switched to the optimization of the breeding process. Also a clear choice was made for the marketing of the products towards the supermarket channel (in conjunction with the shortest possible supply chain). The aim was to produce a range of shelf-ready products (to customer requirements) in a trendy colour mix based on the seasons of the year. These shelf-ready products are offered in the form of a sophisticated (tailored to the season) colour mix wrapped in a consumer sleeve with price- and/or barcode sticker. Today Kiepflower is already providing various store chains of their daily chrysanthemum needs, obviously with plenty of attention to consumer demand, turnover on the shelf and possible dropout rates.

The Quality Flower Group

Since 2009 Kiepflower is a member (and co-founder) of the Quality Flower Group, a professional sales and marketing organization. The aim of the group is to intensify the contacts with the customer through a permanent vendor/relationship manager. Think of identifying market trends and the commercial utilization of any resulting opportunities. Quality Flower Group logo
The members of the Quality Flower Group can use the information from the market to improve their marketing policies (regarding quality, product range and specifications). The group currently has 10 permanent members. For more information, see


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