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Kiepflower is a progressive company with high social responsibility. Having fully satisfied customers is the main commercial target. In addition, mutual trust, respect and personal development of the personnel are qualities where Kiepflower is known for by its customers and employees. The growing process is performed in a way that the environment (now and in the future) is not disturbed. For Kiepflower it is crucial that the interests of People, Planet and Profit are secured within the business.

Through a wide range of trendy (spray-) chrysanthemums Kiepflower focuses specifically on the ultimate "experience" of the consumer. We want to facilitate our customers as much as possible by offering a shelf ready product in a trendy color mix based on the seasons of the year (see picture). 

Stores can be supplied directly or through service providers. In addition, part of the flower production is prepared for export and/or the auction clock. Kiepflower wants to deliver merely high quality chrysanthemums and can also meet special customer requirements if desired. In addition, our aim is to achieve a cultivation process in which the environment remains undisturbed now and in the future.

From plant to delivery, the growing process is continuously monitored by a number of highly qualified unit specialists. At Kiepflower quality always comes before quantity!



The following sub-processes are permanently managed by our unit professionals:
Planning & Growing: This specialist focuses mainly on the climate. Water release and fertilization are fully computer-controlled. He works closely with the unit specialist for bottom preparation and planting.
Bottom preparation: This specialist is responsible for preparing the surface so that it has the correct fineness and fertilizing before the cuttings will be planted.
Planting: This experienced specialist controls the fully automatic plant robot. He ensures that the cuttings are properly planted.
Plant Protection: This specialist has a very responsible job within the company. He takes care of the correct amount of light for the (young) cuttings as well as controlling the supply of appropriate fertilizers. The environment is not disturbed by using 90% natural protection resources.
Order preparation: This specialist ensures that the orders are ready for transport/delivery on time, thereby working very closely with the production team and the sales department.

In 2009 Kiepflower established a partnership along with a dozen other chrysanthemum nurseries. This group called the "Quality Flower Group" aims at a better (international) brand awareness. For example by gathering information which will be used to fine-tune product range and specifications to better meet the needs of the customer. In addition, this combination of forces creates a stronger marketing and sales position.

If needed our employees receive additional external training to increase their knowledge. In this way an individual has the possibility to grow into for example a function of a specialist. Mutual trust, respect and personal development of our employees are some of the company's core values.

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