From breeder to consumer through the shortest possible "supply chain"

Kiepflower focuses mainly on sales through the international supermarket channel. Deliveries will preferably take place via a so-called "provider", but if desired, directly. The provider knows the (international) market very well and can often play a strong advisory role, both towards breeder and consumer. As an example, the provider can help improving shelf management in the supermarket.

The production process of Kiepflower:
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    1. Breed selection

    Composing a beautiful color mix based on the seasons is one of the major skills of Kiepflower. During production, we focus on quality and durability to ensure the longest possible vase life of our chrysanthemums.

    The selection of varieties takes place through a marketing manager of Kiepflower, most of the time in co-operation with both the breeder as well as the provider/supermarket.

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    2. Cultivation

    By using the latest techniques, the cultivation process is almost emission-free and thereby very environment-friendly. Some other important features of the process are durability and manageability. Thanks to a fully automated system, the cultivation manager is able to follow the entire process and to adjust or intervent if necessary. For example, planting and crop protection are fully robotized.

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    3. Harvesting

    Obviously after the cultivation process follows the harvesting process. This process is almost completely automated, that means the manual work is minimized and the harvest workers act mostly as "machine operators". Think of the bunching and sleeving. No concession is done to any form of quality or whatsoever.

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    4. Supply chain

    At Kiepflower, the biggest part of the production is processed into a shelf ready product for the supermarket channel. Sales of plants and flowers from the grocery store is currently experiencing a growth. Kiepflower favors the shortest possible "supply chain" from producer to consumer. We like to see ourselves as a partner and are always willing to think along with you.

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    5. Logistics

    From the supermarket-checkout information is sent digitally to the ordering department of Kiepflower. At this department orders, sticker information and logistical tasks are generated automatically.

    Some tasks of our operators are the careful quality-control and the constant monitoring of the various information streams.

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    6. Energy

    The energy supply at Kiepflower is an independent process. The various heat-sources are located in clusters and are fully automated. Because of the efficient design, the required fossil energy is reduced to a minimum. Essential raw materials for the production process, such as CO2, light and heat are completely produced in-house. Through the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), heat storage and flue gas cleaning this fits perfectly within our vision of "Corporate Social Responsibility".

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